• CE Approval

• Polycarbonate Mask is impact resistant, light and super strong

• Lowest CO2 Retention

• Highest Breathable Volume

• Incredible 180o Viewing Range

• Anti-Fogging Design Fresh Air flows in from the top of the mask and through one-way valves

• Expelled Air flows in sealed vents up the side of the mask and out again

• Purge Valve allows easy clearance of any water that does enter the mask

• Advanced Design Dry Tip prevents water entering the tube when mask is underwater

• Non-Allergenic Silicone Skirt is the ultimate in comfort and tight seal to prevent water leakage

• Soft Adjustable Straps Holds the mask in place comfortably, preventing unwanted movement. Won’t pull on your hair or skin


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  • Lowest Volume Full Face Mask allows you to Breathe the Most Naturally and Easily
  • Wide, Clear Vision with Anti-Fogging Design